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‘Meals in heels’ is a unique food/travel/culture series that highlights the detail around food with a focus on origin, culture, nutritional value and wine-pairing recommendations. We explore different Liz Ogumbo’s dishes inspired by her Kenyan culture, her travel and exposure within other global cultures while featuring some of her favourite chefs in between the series.



To explore and expose Africa’s richest iconic food culture.



To connect the world with Africa’s heritage through food & culture.


This first season is all about exploring some of the richest food cultures which represent ionic cultural foods that resonate with different cultures across Kenya and beyond. Throughout the series, Liz Travels around Nairobi, the South Coast of Kenya, Kisumu and finally to her home in Johannesburg.


We follow Liz sharing the cooking preparation and experience with some of Kenya’s notable chefs while in other episodes she shares a twist of her own version of the cuisines that are highly celebrated and consumed by the foodie culture.


Liz Ogumbo is a South Africa-based Kenyan Creative entrepreneur who plays within various disciplines including fashion, music, wine, coffee and media.



Liz Ogumbo


Kenya: +254 745 694342 | South Africa: +27 769430396


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Liz Ogumbo Wines

© 2023 by Liz Ogumbo Wines

© 2023 by Liz Ogumbo Wines

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