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There are few Africans whose creative journey has been as wide-ranging, singular and successful as the one travelled by Liz Ogumbo. Over the past decade, this formidably focused Kenyan has established herself as a creative entrepreneur whose work in musicfashiontelevisionradio and wine speaks for itself. Through all these, she shares an enviable commitment to excellence and to fostering relationships and projects that advance the African creative industries globally.


Through her time spent in the Western Cape navigating through the wine valleys after her move to South Africa in 2010, Liz Ogumbo has become a wine stakeholder, influencing the tastes of wine lovers’ taste and consumption through her wine brand, Liz Ogumbo Wines.”

In 2018, she released her first series of wines into the wine market; a Pinotage 2013 ‘Mon Homme’ and a Chenin Blanc/Chardonnay 2017 blend ‘Msenangu,’ carefully crafted by winemaker Hendrik Snyman.”

In 2021 another wine release, 'Georgie Pordgy'; a Sauvignon Blanc 2021 in collaboration with world-acclaimed ingenious winemaker, Bartho Eksteen was birthed.

Her most recent wine release covers 3 varieties of Limited releases crafted by a group of South African Wine Makers. , 'Maro,' Shiraz 2016, 'Ubuntu,' Red Blend, 2017' and 'Already There,' Pinotage 2017.


Liz Ogumbo Wines is not just wine, its music in wine. Each soundtrack to her enigmatic wines are carefully written to bring to life the relationship between the wine and the music into a wine-musical. As you experience each bottle of Liz Ogumbo Wines, you can scan the QR code to indulge her world of wine & music intertwined.

Liz spends time in wine edutaining the wine lovers within and beyond her network through her wine content released and shared through articles, wine-tastings, wine experiences, vodcast and podcast. 

Now firmly established as a leading Afropolitan with real vision, Liz is ready to take on the world of wine with all aspects of her creativedom.

Liz Ogumbo Wines
There are only two types of wine; good wine & bad wine.
Choose wisely!


Let's take this to the next level!

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