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During prehistoric cultures from about 2130 BC during the Old Kingdom, societies like the Persians, Sumerians, Romans and Egyptians adapted skirts to their cultures and lifestyles worn by both men and women. The men wore wrap around skirts known as the shendyt, which were belted at the waist, sometimes pleated or gathered in the front. During this time, men's skirts were short. As the Middle Kingdom of Egypt (1600 BC) came, the skirt was worn longer.

In the Middle Ages, skirts were generally very high-waisted, running all the way from the bust to the ankles just until the late sixties when hemlines hit the floor again with constricting bodices and wide skirts becoming fashionable. By the 17th century women were wearing similar bodices over long skirts with corsets which gave the appearance of an extremely thin waist.

As much as the maxi skirt has been a timeless sense of fashion since time, it has been my personal favourite wardrobe staple. Only a maxi skirt or dress can allow me to get away with dress-down charges even when I missed the memo of where I am going and what to expect when I get there.

Whether I am headed to my girlfriend's surprise baby shower or my sister's foxy fourty party, or maybe just a day-into-the-night barbeque party or perhaps that last minute TV interview, the maxi skirt has always had a way of saving the day exuding nothing less than elegance and chic with no need for introduction.

So, as we sit in the ambience of the Epicure Restaurant, in Sandton, Johannesburg on a sunny afternoon set to shoot our 13 years anniversary in fashion, it’s more than the ambience at play. Kathleen is wearing a maxi skirt with a hand-beaded corset, styled with a pair of our handmade glass bead earrings and a vintage headpiece; a bird on the head while enjoying a glass of Mon Homme.

I think every woman should invest in a set of maxi skirts ranging from plain, print to even occasional staples overwhelmed with embellishments, sequin, feathers and any other fashionable element deemed ‘style’ in your world.

Our skirts are locally & sustainably designed and produced in Johannesburg, South Africa with love. Visit Our shop for more.

Be safe & take care of yourself and your tribe,

Yours fabulously,

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